Who We Are

Clean water isn’t optional. It’s an essential need shared by all of us, regardless of age, gender, political affiliation, or socioeconomic status. The Inside Passage Waterkeeper is a grassroots group that focuses exclusively on clean water in Southeast Alaska.

We believe that clean water is a birthright, shared by everyone. Directed by an Advisory Board of locals, we are a grassroots group with a mission: to keep our clean water clean. Our lives and livelihoods depend upon it.

Clean water doesn’t just mean clean oceans. It doesn’t just mean clean rivers. It means clean systems, from headwaters to tributaries, rivers to estuaries. The Inside Passage Waterkeeper is committed to the reality that water moves. To speak of clean water is to speak of the whole system, from alpine to shoreline and beyond.

Why we do what we do

Southeast Alaskan waters have been known by Tlingit residents as S’ix’ Tlein, or the Big Dish, for generations. Following the advice of the generations that preceded us, we treat the Big Dish as a dinner plate: we eat from it, but we don’t break it.

It’s no secret that our clean water is the heartbeat of the region. Our households fill freezers with clean water-caught fish, crab, and shrimp year after year. The fish that rely on clean water serve as the anchor that keeps our region’s economy strong.

Where we’re from

Local issues demand local solutions. Our seven member Advisory Council is made up of local, family-oriented, working Alaskans, hailing from Yakutat Bay to Dixon Entrance.

Our staff is small and place-based. With years of experience on and in Southeast Alaska’s waters, our sense of place and our connection to our clean, productive water is homegrown.

Inside Passage Waterkeeper is an independent program of Southeast Alaska Conservation Council. Partnering with SEACC allows us to focus our energy and your financial support on keeping Alaska's clean water clean rather than setting up and running a separate non-profit.

The Inside Passage Waterkeeper is a local member of the International Waterkeeper Alliance.

Contact Us:

InsidePassage Waterkeeper
224 Gold Street
Juneau, AK 99801
ph: (907) 586-6942