August Brown

Telegraph Creek

Hunter, fisherman, trapper, respected Tahltan elder
This river here fed a lot of families. For hundreds of years. Sheep, moose, fish, people. Everything. Everything lives on water. Everything on this whole world. I don’t read and write. At all. But I’ve been a bush man for 30 years and I know what’s out there. I know in here. In my heart. Every creek, every stream runs into the Stikine River. This is the blood vein of the Tahltan Nation. This Stikine River.
Mother nature fed the Tahltan Nation and other people for thousands of years. It’s about time we helped mother nature. Nobody lasts forever, but if you care for this Stikine River, it’ll last another thousand years.
This river is everything. Without clean water, there’d be nobody here. I guarantee you that.